Do you sell wholesale? 


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Sasha Perstac at A Primary

Do you do custom work? 
Yes, I love it!

I’m a designer and want you to just letterpress print my work. 

Yes, I do that too. Lets chat about your project.

How much does a set of wedding invites cost?  

That’s a tricky one, as each project is different. I can say that an standard suite [invite, map, rsvp with envelopes] is about $1100 and of course you can add things on and make it your own from that point on.

Why is it so expensive?  

A combination of elements. A good portion of the costs are just hard goods. Film, plates and paper supplies take up a fair percentage of that, as well, each sheet is hand run through my vintage press which is makes it a long process labor-wise.

Is there anything less expensive?  

Yes, I can also do digital printing services which is generally about half of those costs. Or we can combine elements of letterpress and digital to make it as affordable as possible for you. I really strive to make every budget work. I can offer a number of cost saving ideas to help you.

Do you print your own work?  

I do. I’m only one of a handful of shops that offers letterpress work start-to-finish in Los Angeles. It’s great fun to see a project through to the very end.

I don’t live in Los Angeles can I still order from you?  

Yes, most definitely! I have worked with brides as far away as Kenya and the UK. We can definitely do things via email and a little snail mail.

Can I come watch?  

I do offer press checks to my clients. If you would like to come see your project on press we’ll set up a day or time for you to do so. If you don’t live in Los Angeles or are unavailable to attend the day of, I also offer photo press checks where can see things via email the day of. I don’t offer general viewing on other projects at this time.

Can I provide my own paper? How long does it take?  

Yes, I can work with stock that you provide. I do have some strong recommendations with letterpress based on working experience. I can show you samples of what is possible with different stocks. I’m very partial to a 100% cotton sheet by Crane’s that prints beautifully and is also paper free and eco-friendly. It can take as long as 4 months if we’re creating a detailed new design for you or a matter of 5-10 days if you have a design signed off and are ready to go.

How did you learn printing and how long have you been doing it?  

I started taking some art classes for fun a number of years ago and ended up taking a typesetting class. I loved the hand work involved and creating art prints instead of painting just one piece. A few years went by and I realized I kept taking the same course over and over again to get press time. I stumbled on a restored press for sale and haven’t looked back since.

Where does your business name come from?  

Funny enough, Richie is a family nickname given to me at birth. I was named after a girl my mom use to babysit – her name is Ritchie Richelle…They changed it up a bit and used her middle name as my first and her first as my nickname. Somewhere in my corporate life, someone got wind of the nickname and it sort of merged into my business life as well.